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Wall Space Hire – where you choose and pay for the size of your wall and you may hang as many pictures as will safely hang within your wall space. No further commission is taken on any sales. Your wall space is yours to deal with as you wish.

Commission Basis – is limited to two hanging pictures, both of which incur a Hanging Fee, which is dependent on size and from which will incur Commission being taken when sold.

Browser Items – A limit of up to 10 browser items may be exhibited.

Craft items, we have exhibited ceramics,cards,woodcarvings
,jewelry carvings and furniture  and we are only limited by space available
Full details are available under the “Exhibiting”  button above.

Or you can speak to Angela

Tel No : 01 480861915


If you are looking for an original painting(s) and/or  that individulal hand-made craft item(s) then Wood End Gallery should be your destination.
We have over 50 artists/artisans exhibiting within The Gallery.   All works remain on display for the length of the exhibition or until sold.   An original item from our exhibition will provide you with a unique handmade item of art/craft that will stand out amongst the mass produced importations generally available.
Once the exhibitions are underway clicking on the buttons above will allow you to preview many of the exhibits There is ample parking and disabled access is provided

our post code is MK44 2AS (see here)


Workshops are held in the gallery between exhibitions covering painting and various print making disciplines We are always looking for other topics/mediums so check out our ‘workshops’ button for the latest available

Classes are restricted to about 8 persons and may be a day or half a day in duration. 

Wood End Gallery, Woodend Barns, Pertenhall, Beds,MK44 2AS

01480861915  Tabwood Ltd Trading as Woodend Gallery