Wood End Gallery                                     

Wood End Lane, Pertenhall, Beds, MK44 2AS
We have split our on line gallery into separate sections covering the artists who are exhibiting in our current exhibition. Its not an exhaustive list of all our paintings, also for the most part the pictures are not accurate photographic representation of the picture, they are simply just snaps taken on our gallery wall, that should give you a flavour of the wide range on display and should wet your appetite for the real thing.
We also have some details of our current artists and any links to their own web sites.
We hope that this will help to demonstrate that our LOCAL ARTIST and UNIQUE claims are real.

These pictures are only displayed during the exhibition

Please  enjoy yourself and browse the pictures

Celia Wadeley - Hanging items
Celia Wadeley - Browser items
Marlene Wlodarczyk - Hanging Items
Marlene Wlodarczyk - Browser Items
Terry Wood - Hanging Items
Terry Wood - Browser Items
Barbara Rawcliffe - Hanging Items
Pam Clark - Hanging Items
Pam Clark - Browser Items
Catherine Peddel - Hanging Items
Catherine Peddel - Browser Items
Dominique Shipster- Hanging Items